How to Use Sea Bath Salt

In the beginning of time and throughout the Middle Ages, the man began to fear water. Europeans even believed that a coating of filth on the skin is beneficial to ward of psychic attacks in order to avoid bathing. When skin conditions such as Black Death worsened, bathing in bath salts were recommended as the only cure.

Se bath salts are composed of important minerals, vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep the skin and your body alive.

Types of Sea Bath Salt to use

In this age of pollution, toxic wastes surround us and sea bath salts can help your skin and body stay healthy, protected and glowing with regular use. Commonly known as medicinal salts, certain sea bath salts contain the right proportion and mix of minerals to penetrate your pores and cure many disorders.

Depending on your type of skin and lack of nutrients, you should pick a sea bath salt that responds to your body.

  • Himalayan Sea Bath Salt

Ideal for nourishing dry to sensitive skin, Himalayan Crystal Salts are also ideal to enhance your sleep. Adding Himalayan Salt to your bathing routine guarantees deeper sleep and relieves many diseases such as asthma and weight loss too.

  • Dead Sea Bath Salt

Reminiscing World’s First spa on the shores of Dead Sea by Cleopatra, Dead Sea bath Salt is one of the highest trending bath salt to for deeper healing of your tissues. Dead Sea bath salt contains Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium chloride that can penetrate the skin to provide deep exfoliation. Dead sea bath salt is also considered excellent for Psoriasis.

  • Atlantic Sea

Manufactured via the sophisticated process of channeling sea water into giant trays of clay to sundry the salt, Atlantic Sea Salt has a spotless white look. Available in multiple grain variants, Atlantic Sea bath salt is usually mixed with aromatherapeutic scents that cleanse and thoroughly nourish your skin.

  • Volcanic Salt

Prominently known as the Hawaiian Red Bath Salt, volcanic salt is unprocessed and considered ideal to heal wounds as well as skin allergies. Bathing in volcanic salt three times per week removes muscle cramps and sprains for athletes and women.

  • Epsom

A commonly used salt in trend, Epsom Salt is composed of Magnesium and Sulfate. Epsom salt bathing helps to enhance the blood circulation which indirectly helps to prevent heart attacks as well as hypertension.

  • Dendritic

One of the larger bathing salts, Dendritic Salts are super absorbent due to its larger surface area. The essential oils in a bath salt are easily absorbed by your body when dendritic bath salt is used leading to a longer lasting refreshment.

  • Aztec Arsenal 

One of the most powerful flavors of bathing and table salts, Aztec Arsenal does wonders when in a bathing tub. It has high mineral values such as 80 essential minerals, moisture-absorbance and super healing effect.

The Ways to Use Sea Bath Salt

From bathing to applying as a mask or going for a hot water treatment, there are diverse ways of using sea bath salt for beautification as well as hygiene. From grain size to the colors used in bathing salts, there are specific ways to pick the best sea bath salt suitable for your skin too.

One important rule to keep in mind when storing your bath salts to prevent it from expiring is by keeping it in a dark cool place sans sunlight.

  • Skin

Regardless of your choice of sea bath salt, all sea bath salts dissolve quickly in water. Moreover, ones that are aromatherapeutic also let out a fragrant and soothing scent to calm your body simultaneously.

  • When bathing in the bath tub, remember to fill half the tub with hot or warm water and add your choice of bathing salt.
  • Face

Bath Salts are excellent to exfoliate your face to keep the facial skin glowing and hydrated.

  • Make a paste of your choice of sea salt and make a paste.
  • Apply the sea bath salt paste as a face mask and wash off after 15 minutes.
  • Hair

Excellent for those with dandruff, treating your head with sea bath salts hydrates your hair and grow a health scalp.

  • To use sea salt for hair treatment, wash your hair and part it.
  • Make a paste of sea salt or apply the salt onto the scalp.
  • Not massage it for 10 minutes.
  • Wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Teeth

Better than baking soda or salt in toothpaste, a pinch of sea bath salt in your toothpaste can whiten your teeth and make them glow. Composed of natural fluoride, sea bath salt when used to brush the teeth can grow healthy gums and kill gingivitis.

  • To use, sprinkle some of the bathing salt onto your tooth paste when brushing teeth.
  • Nails

Yet another natural brightening and glowing treatment for your body, having manicures with sea bath salt in it also promotes softening of the cuticles as well as stained nails.

  • To use the bathing salt for nails, mix one teaspoon in baking soda as well as lemon juice with half a cup of warm water.
  • Immerse your hands in the bowl for thirty minutes or until the water becomes cold and clean it with a soft bristle as well as pumice stone.

Benefits of sea bath salts

Sea Bath Salts are excellent for the largest part of your body- the skin, to the smallest- your hair. From deep nourishment to hydration, sea bath salts are excellent to cure a variety of diseases of the skin, hair and body.

  • Relax and Rejuvenate

A warm soak in a sea bath salt in the bathtub with a soothing scent and healing effect is ideal to wind down calmly. Relaxation is the bonus of sea bath salt while rejuvenation is the guarantee.

  • Scrubbing

Also termed as exfoliation, sea bath salts are excellent to exfoliate your skin and flush out dead cells, dirt, grime and oils that also lead to clogged pores.

  • Blood Circulation

If you have an alternate day bathing routine in sea bath salts, your blood circulation will be better such that cramps and headaches as well as daytime drowsiness will cease to happen. If you take a bath salt session of bathing before bed, you will have a deep and sound restorative sleep too.

  • Respiration

Ideal for those with lung related issues, regular bathing with Himalayan Bath Salt helps in reducing inflammations in cases with bronchial asthma.

  • Hydration

The common most skin problems are a terrible result of dehydrated skin. Bath salts help in rehydrating your pores by flushing out pollutants and filling nutrients that seal the moisture in your skin throughout the day.



The best affordable spa, composed of multiple herbs, Herbal bath salts are used for specific cures. Blending the technique of aromatherapy, herbal bath salts infused dried mix of multiple herbs that can make your skin, hair and health glow.

The golden rule to remember when using bath salts is to avoid it whenever you have open wounds or sores on your body. Moreover, never soak for more than 40 minutes in a bathtub with bath salts.

Stay healthy!

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