The Great Sea Bath Salt Miracle! How to Use Sea Bath Salts

For cosmetic purposes, sea bath salt is great in giving you that glowing young skin you always dream off and can be great in whitening and beautification of your teeth. With all these incredible benefits, why the need someone doesn’t want to know how to use sea bath salts. A great review about types of sea bath salts, their benefits and how to use them is exactly what you need.(Refer wiki:

how to use sea bath saltHow to Use Sea Bath Salts

One forgotten health and wellness practice is salt bathing. Did you even know that there is something like salt bathing? If at all you knew, do you still do salt baths on a regular basis as a way of keeping diseases away?

how to use sea bath saltSea salt baths have numerous nutritional and medicinal values to the system. This is more so when it comes to sea bath salts, thanks to the at least eighty-four natural minerals and nutrients found in the sea salts. The ancient Japanese and the Himalayan people used salt baths as one of the most important ways of detoxification. Fortunately, a great deal of the modern people has continued this practice up to date. It is thus important for you to understand how to select the right bath salt types; understand some of the bath salt recipes available; and more so, how to use sea bath salts. Bath salts! Isn’t it a great idea worth digging much into? Read on…

Benefits of Sea Bath Salts

The sea bath salts would not be so popular today if they weren’t a force to reckon in the alternative medicine field. These salts come with a great deal of benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. Of course, the knowledge on how to use sea bath salts effectively will enable you to reap maximum benefits. Below are some of the great benefits of these baths:

Detoxification Great Seas Bath Salt Benefit

Sea bath salt DetoxificationRich in sodium chloride among other minerals and nutrients, sea water is able to remove lots of toxins together with other metabolisms by-products through the lymphatic system of your body. Upon taking these salt baths, excessive fluids trapped around the thighs, knees and even the ankles are greatly removed.

Sea Bath Salts help Relaxation

One of the best and most effective ways that anyone can make their bodies to calm down and relax is through the use of sea salt baths. This has practically been proven to be an effective way of calming the nerves and can make you enjoy sleep better than never before.

Sea Bath Salts help RelaxationThe effectiveness of the baths in calming the body can be credited to the vast amounts of potassium, magnesium and bromides that are found in the salts and are known to be great in soothing aches. Relax you muscle pains, cramps and aches using sea salt baths

Relief of Rheumatologic Disorders

Osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pains, sports injuries and hypertension or rather high blood pressure are greatly reduced upon doing bulk bath salts. Epsom salt bath is credited for the elimination of the uric acids in the joints thus reducing the effects of arthritis.

Relief of Rheumatologic DisordersAntibacterial Effect on Skins

Antibacterial Effect on Skins In general, sea salt is a good disinfectant that leads to faster healing of minor cuts as well as stopping bleeding in most cases. Eczema, dermatitis and acne conditions are really reduced by the sea salt baths.

Sea Salt Keep Skin Moisturizer

Sea Salt Keep Skin MoisturizerThe mineral mud in the sea salt baths is given thumbs high for their deep cleansing, anti-wrinkling, anti-ageing and whitening effects. A sure way of having a healthy and silky soft skin is by doing salt baths.You can read more at Best Natural Moisturizer Reviews

Hair Problems

Upon massaging your scalp with seas salt water whenever you are taking your baths, blood circulation is greatly benefited thus stimulation of hair growth and strengthening of the hair follicles thus preventing the hair loss as well.

Cold and Flu Natural Treatment

Performing a hot Epson salt bath is a quick remedy for not only flu and cold but other infections such as mild bacterial infections. This also works when you do a whole body sea salt jets or baths.

Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

Before you know how to use the salt baths, knowing how to make the baths is necessary. Fortunately, most of the ingredients are available in your home thus making the process to be much easier.


  • Get some salt of your choice: Epsom salt, pacific salt or the dead sea salt
  • Water
  • Ascent of choice mainly from essential oils
  • Color i.e. food color or natural colors mainly from roots and tubers
  • Liquid glycerin

Apparatus needed

  • A spoon tablespoon
  • A teaspoon
  • A glass bowl


The Sea Salt

Scoop 3 full tablespoonfuls of salt and put in the glass bowl. If you are preparing for more people, you can add in multiples of three. The addition of water is optional but is a great way of easily reaching homogenous solutions. Salt baths prepared with water must be used immediately.

Pampering with Scents

Add some essential oils or other scents to the sea salt of choice. You can either use one or a number of essential oils. Only ensure that the mixture won’t combine to trigger allergic reactions.

Mood Manipulation

Different recipes come with different colors, texture and sizes with the color having the possibility of impacting your mood. When you feel anxious, the blue color suits you the most. On the other hand, red, yellow together with orange sea salt baths are effective in making one feel energized.

Add half a teaspoon of color and mix till a homogenous mixture is formed. You can continue adding more color (if the color is natural) till you realize the color you desire

Optional: Glycerin a Great Skin Doctor

Add a teaspoon of glycerin to your mixture for enhanced health benefits

And now you have your homemade bath salt that can now be added to the water in your bathtub for you to get the benefits that come with sea salt baths.

How to Use the Bath Salts

The proper use of bath salts guarantees the user maximum benefits of these salts. The good news is that we don’t need rocket science to understand how to use them though.

  • Fill your bathtub with water halfway through and add a handful of the sea bath salt.
  • Holding your hand under the faucet, allow the salt to fall into your bath tub.
  • Pour as many handfuls as you would wish, in order to get maximum benefits.
  • You can now soak yourself in the tub for at least 15 minutes and at most 30 minutes
  • Don’t go beyond half an hour as extended baths leaves the skin dry
  • For exfoliation purposes, water is added to a fine-grain bath salt thus making a paste. The paste is then applied on the skin and then rubbed to make the skin fresh and smooth.

Though cold water is also effective, maximum benefits are always realized when you use as hot water as you can manage to stay in.

Points to note

  • It is important you understand that different bath salt recipes exist.
  • Avoid shaving in the bathroom, or avoid doing salt baths when you have painful sores
  • Some people may be allergic to some salt baths hence important to know. For instance, if you are allergic to sulfur, avoid Epsom salt baths as Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.
  • Ensure you store your homemade bath salts in secured, cool & dry places.

Other ways of using the Salt Baths

  • A quick hot footbath can be done with salt baths. Epsom salt bath is the most preferred when it comes to footbaths
  • Adding a quarter a cup of organic oils in the bath salts to give you homemade bath salts pampering spa.
  • For a warm compress to be placed on bruises, Epsom salt bath is a great choice


As a natural health enthusiast and a medical missionary who uses natural remedies to lessen the sufferings that people are suffering from, I have effectively used salt baths on myself and others with great positive results, hence my desire to teach you how to use sea bath salts. Has this article been of benefits to you? If the article benefited you and you liked it, drop your comments below and share it with others so they can also benefit in this natural wellness remedy.

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